Devil Ass City: A Line by Line Review by Brandon Drexler

Editor's Note: what follows is the first in (hopefully) 13 installments of a truly ambitious line-by-line review of rapper Z-Ro's newest album, Drankin' and Drivin'.  The commentary is done entirely by the incredibly thorough and talented, Brandon Drexler.  The commentary for Track 1. was texted to me almost entirely while Brandon was delayed at an airport in Hungary.  

Also be warned, the following content is very NSFW.  

"I only fear God in this devil ass city"

This line is fine, with z-ro stating that despite the city's dangers, he still fears no man. Sets up who he is very nicely.

"Keep my head up high cause I know these n***** can't fuck with me."

Confirming my thought on the first line, and adding to his narrative of being scared of no man.

"Ass hoe by nature one deep pussy n**** come get me"

Making sense of this line is difficult, as at first glance it would seem that he is simply trying to be as offensive as possible. Let's wait for the rest of the song before coming back to reexamine.

"Get your ass with the Curtis, what the fuck is a Curtis? My n**** that's a 50"

This line is awful. I'm assuming he's telling you to get your ass with the money (a 50), but making a 50 into a Curtis has absolutely no point.  Curtis is the name of 50 cent by the way in case you didn't know.  He then repeats these 4 lines, showing great enthusiasm on the Curtis line.  Z-ro will not be perturbed by any weakness in his bars, he spits them with absolute confidence.  

"Motherfuck your dress code. And I ain't taking off my hat cause I'm in chill mode"

Honestly. I respect it. Not the rhyme, but the sentiment.

"And I could buy this club if I really wanted to buy this club because I got real dough"


"She says I feels so good. When I feel so wood she don't need no dildo"

That line doesn't need a comment, it should just be appreciated.

"And I know she ain't lying cause she blow up my phone didn't talk to her she still showed up at my home"

There isn't anything horrendous with this line. Continues with his thought and adds supporting evidence for this girls infatuation with his penis.

"Punk ass sheriff was like are these your guns cause these ain't regular guns this is some hunting shit"

This line belongs in a museum.

"I was like God damn right, now y'all mind every now and then a n**** like to go and hunt for shit?"

Z-ro is railing against police discrimination here. How is it that just because of the high caliber of his guns the sheriff thinks that mr. Ro is going to do something illegal? Why he simply likes to hunt for a deer every now and then, nothing wrong with that, simply being an average American. Deep issues being discussed here.

"And I ain't got to tell you I'm the truth in the booth and I don't really give a fuck if y'all don't like me, I'm box 26 like Isiah Carey, I tell it like it is, not the way it might be"

Z ro sounds like Donald Trump in this line.

"That's wassup but what you here for"

This is shouted out not by z ro but presumably by a member of his squad so he could follow with.

"I'm here to put a hole the size of a cereal bowl in your motherfucking head"

What? And here I thought z ro was using his hunting shit for good. I'm shocked that possibly letting citizens having ridiculous caliber of guns could go wrong.

"And I ain't really tripping on you bitch ass n***** unless you fucking with my motherfucking bread"

Z ro may think that you are a bitch, but he doesn't really care about you unless it affects his money. A rare sign of tolerance from Mr. Ro.

"But you old Internet gangsters on my page player hating, I can't even see what you said, but one of my people was tripping had to show him I was really about my business he was about to be dead"

At first this line may make you thing that z ro just lied to us in the previous line.  After all, Internet gangsters shouldn't affect his motherfucking bread. However, he clarifies, telling us it was simply a person who was loyal to him that saw it and took it upon himself to strike vengeance in z-ro's honor.

"I ain't tryna have a relationship, I'm just tryna beat my case every month up in the courthouse. Bitch ass badge wearing ass tryna lie to get a conviction they don't want me to leave from the courthouse"

First of all, Z-ro is 39. Just throwing that out there for all people who think that men eventually want to settle down. Mr. Ro has no such plans.  Also, rhyming courthouse with courthouse? #BARS

"But my ? game too strong, bill bond game too strong, faith in God game too strong"

I really like how his faith in God game is explicitly used to get him out of convictions and is mentioned right next to his bill bond game.

"To be a real ass n****, first of all fake n**** you can't be on none of that shit you on"

I love this line because it says in order to be real you have to change everything you like.

"When we roll around with them killers you know we don't play"

Fair enough.

"Hit you with the mini one four you gon go *huh (or some sound like it) like rosé"

Z ro says you will get popped like rosé.  Once again building his character as a killer. Great job staying on message.

"These pussy n***** think they real. But they so fake"

Once again staying on message.

"Hit em with the triple threat shotgun they gon go *huh like rosé"

I'm beginning to think z ro really likes popping rosé.  Not as much as he likes popping pussy motherfuckers of course though.

"Don't treat me like no rapper I ain't none of them. Never got a royalty check but money kept on coming in"

Another testament to z-ro's hood bonafides. Unlike rappers, who make money from rapping, z ro makes money from other things.

"If I give your ass a pass most likely you'll get done again, I don't trust none of you motherfuckers I got my gun again"

A hint of something else bothering z ro! Will he go into this later in the song or in the album? What made him get his gun again. What did these motherfuckers do?

"And every year I'm like Javari I need another dope key"

I did not get this reference.

"Cause you know I'm kush to these hating ass n*****, these hating ass n***** be tryna smoke me"

What's this? That line was actually good. Where the fuck is that in literally every other line?

"That's what the chopper for I lay they ass down like vocals"

Z ro kills these hating ass motherfuckers just as easily as he raps.

"They fucking with me in Africa how dare you say I'm local"

Pretty self explanatory there.

"I'm loco, but I'm just tryna smoke though, keep fucking with me you and your whole family go go."

Z ro again threatens violence against you and your loved ones if you fuck with him and also professes his love for that marijuana. He also shows recognition that his behavior is not acceptable in modern society, although he does not seem to care.

"And I would love to do it myself, but you see I got shit to do"

Another just legendary line.

"I be outta town on stage when them choppers put the mess on them, keep on putting the dick in you (dick in you)"

One of many lines in this album where z ro goes uncomfortably far.

"Shame on a n**** that tried to run game on a n****, dropped names on a n****, 7 millimeter aimed on your n****, in the nosebleeds all the way across a football game on the n****."

Wow that was a lot of rhyming the n word.

"And open up a brain on a n****"

Oh.  He's not done.

"And leave a n**** dripping like sanjo. Cause this is real team is original top shotta you won't even get to see that I'm alonzo (?)"

Did not understand any of this line other than threats of violence.

"And I be everywhere these pussy n***** can't go and I see everywhere theses wanna sees wanna see"

What the fuck is a wanna see?

"I'm on the wall I ain't fucking with the dance flow, if you ain't a bad bitch get the fuck from in front of me"

I respect this wallflower dance style.  Also this line is also hilarious.  

"Used to be broke now I get bread out the money tree"

I think this is pretty self-explanatory, except worth nothing that now for mr. ro, getting money is so easy that it is practically growing on trees for him.

"And I ain't fuckin with ya cause you sweeter than a honeybee"

Some people may like people who show things like affection. FUCK THAT.  Says z-ro. 

"Used to be good, now I be up to no good, that's why it's fuck all y'all, homie look at what they done to me"

Another peek into something critical happening in z-ro's life that could have possibly led to this behavior. Again, cliffhanger for the rest of the song or possibly the album. 

Also, worth noting in a history of z-ro lesson for you.

His biggest song, "I hate you bitch" came out in 2004. It is currently 2016. So I'd really like to know when he used to be good.

"I only fear God in this devil ass city"

Ok, chorus is back.

"Keep my head up high cause I know these n***** can't fuck with me"


"Asshole by nature one deep pussy n**** come get me"

I've decided that the ass hoe line previously was probably asshole.  Basically mr. ro is saying that he's a dick but you won't do anything about it because you are a pussy.

"Get your ass with the Curtis, what the fuck is a Curtis? My n**** that's a 50"

oh no ... that ... is part of the chorus.  good god ... that ... is commitment to terrible bars. 

Then he repeats the chorus and ends with that trash line.  

And that is it for "Devil Ass City."

The first in 13 installments of Drankin and Drivin.

Check next time I feel like doing this for Track 2. "My Money."  I promise it may not have as many jaw dropping lines, but in terms of consistency it is just as strong.


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